Guess The Emoji Answers and Solutions

Guess The Emoji is the smash hit trivia game for iOS and Android, created by Conversion LLC. This game is perfect for those Emoji icons and trivia game addicts. We have all the cheat and solutions to this number 1 game here.

Guess The Emoji Answers Will Keep You In The Game

Emojis have been one of the largest crazes recently due to the rapid increase of smartphone availability, including the use of texting and instant messaging. That's right, instead of using words to say what you mean, just use an emoji to say it in a cute little icon. Some people even have full conversation using these icons and not using any words. As a result it's not surprising to see a large increase of games and apps that are based around the use of emoji.

One of the most well-known games to play in your free time on you iPhone or iPad is Guess The Emoji. Gameplay is very simple; you must match the word to the emoji, so you will need to be an emoji genius to solve them all. The game starts off easy but it will rapidly increase in difficulty and you will be eager to find the entire guess the Emoji answers. This is where having access to a resources to provide you will all of the answers and Guess the Emoji hints will come in handy. Whilst you won't want to use this site for all the answers, it's useful if you do get stuck. Remember not to use it too much otherwise you will be missing out on all the fun on finding that Guess the Emoji answer that makes it so addicting.

Keep playing to progress through the game

Like any trivia game, you are provided with the opportunity to buy hints and remove letters but this may not be enough for some players. Not everyone will have the same knowledge of emojis, therefore you will soon realise that having a Guess the Emoji cheat useful to have. If you do find yourself stuck and cannot progress you will naturally find yourself feeling frustrated. This is where having some help and finding the entire Guess the Emoji cheats useful. By doing this you will continue to make steady progress in the game.

It won't be easy for everyone

One of the interesting things about emoji's is that not everyone will have the same understanding of emoji's. Some people may interpret an emoji in a different way to another person. If you are lucky enough to have a comprehensive knowledge of emoji icons you will likely get majority of the answers. However this is not the case for everyone, some people will need more assistance. By using Guess the Emoji solutions you can solve all puzzles in the game.

The game will be one of the best games you ever play so it's defiantly worth a download if you haven't already done so. So if you are using an iPhone, iPad or Android device with spare time to kill, then this game is just for you.
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Reviewer: Terry Sinclair
Rating: 4.8